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commissioning a painting: 

Some of you may have done this many times before, however for most of us, ordering custom artwork is a new experience. Here's a quick breakdown of how the process is going to go:

1. Make an inquiry

Send me a message via the form below, or via facebook messenger, and let me know you're considering placing an order. Please include a general idea of what you're looking for, your approximate budget and time frame you would find ideal. I will endeavor to respond in 1-2 days and start discussing your painting! I specialize in equine portraits, but will happily paint pets, livestock, wildlife, home, people and cars! If in doubt, please ask!

2. Choose your options

I'm here to provide clarity on all of the available options and help match you to the ideal ones. The variables are medium (paint type), size and shape. Feel free to browse my portfolio to see what you like and dislike to help narrow it down.

3. Send me photos

You can either send me one ideal image, or multiple options. I have written a guide on selecting and taking good reference photos here! you can send me the images in messenger while we converse, but I will need the highest resolution digital file you have available emailed to me at before I begin. 


I love to take my own reference photographs, and to meet the subject and you! I can travel anywhere at cost to do a photoshoot and sketching session. 

4. Make a deposit

I require a 50% deposit to book your painting slot, (25% when booked 9 months or more in advance, a good idea for Christmas gifts!) This deposit is 50% refundable until I begin drawing the image onto the paper or canvas. The deposit is important for several reasons; It confirms your intent and lets me know you've given serious thought about booking; it gives me a fund to purchase the necessary materials up front; and it reserves your spot. I am often booked months in advance and a deposit allows me to guarantee that you will be in my next available one (or your desired one, if you have a more distant deadline) 

Here's where my job starts

5. Photo editing

Once we have nailed down all the details and I have the photos, I then open them in photoshop to do anything from minor lighting corrections to arranging multiple photos onto one image for a composite. I also paste the image into a file that is the same dimensions as the canvas to help with step two. 

6. The sketch

When creating realistic images, accuracy is everything. I use a ruler to check and double check every line and angle as I draw the outlines and features of your horse on the canvas. I will always send a photograph to you for approval before the next step. 

7. The painting!!

This is the fun part! It can be very quick for a small watercolour, or a months-long process for a very large oil painting. I will send you progress photographs along the way so you can see how its going!

8. Finishing touches & delivery

When I feel the portrait is complete, I will send you one final image. At this point I am happy to make adjustments and edits to ensure the perfect picture. When those have been made, the process is done! A watercolour will be ready to go right away, however an oil painting will take time to dry. If varnishing is not desired, it will be packaged up in a week or two, however if varnishing is desired (for archival purposes and for a more glossy finish), I will have to keep the painting here for up to 6 months for it to cure completely first. 

The painting will then be packaged safely. I am happy to hand deliver or meet you throughout most of Southern Manitoba, and shipping is available worldwide. You are responsible for the cost of shipping (I will get a quote for it when we determine the size of your painting so that you can budget for it) and it will always be sent with a tracking number where available. 

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Thanks for your inquiry!

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